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Your website is one of the first impressions of your organization. We create custom websites using standards compliant hand-coded CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP and XML as well as custom WordPress themes. Our focus is on creating websites that look and behave the same in multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to your success.
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Modern Website Infrastructure and Tools

Many new websites nowadays take advantage of the latest technologies including CSS 3, HTML 5, jQuery v1.11.3 or v2.1.4  and PHP 5. Online businesses often have standards compliant sites with emphasis on readability and usability. More web hosting services, such as, now embrace the LAMP software bundle; open source software. Which web host is right for your website? Is your organization capitalizing on sound white hat SEO policies?

Build a mobile friendly and SEO effective website

An effective website is the key to success for every venture from high school reunions to major corporations. And since web technology changes rapidly, what are the cutting-edge tools and trends? What can a freelance web design firm do for my organization? What’s fuelling modern website design and development? How to start building a website?
How to build an effective and user-friendly website?

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