White Hat SEO

Do White Hat SEO: Get More Eyes on Your Site

More eyes equal more sales.  We create custom websites using standards compliant hand-code as well as custom WordPress themes. White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key to your success since search engines are constantly evolving and developing their ranking algorithms. In order to get started, learn how to boost your site’s search ranking with us.  We recommend reading through Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF and getting yourself as familiar as possible with it. From SEO basics, to improving your website’s structure to optimizing content, dealing with crawlers, SEO for mobile phones and promotions and analysis.  This 32 page PDF contains much covers the starting ground, so you can get your legs. If you feel that this is a daunting task (you are right!) then don’t hesitate to Contact Us Today using our secure online contact form.

Modern Website Infrastructure and Tools

Many modern websites take advantage of the latest technologies including CSS 3, HTML 5, jQuery v1.11.3 or v2.1.4  and PHP 5.  Standards compliant sites with emphasis on readability and usability are in demand.  More web hosting services are adopting the LAMP web service solution stack and open source software is becoming commonplace.  Which web host is right for your website?  Is your organization capitalizing on sound white hat SEO policies?

Getting Started

Build a mobile friendly and white hat SEO effective website

Content isn’t just keywords; it also has to do with structuring the writing with the user experience in mind and displaying content using font sizes that are legible and readable such that there is a high contrast between the font color and its background. Search engines judge your web page content in a holistic way to determine how valuable it really is.  And since web technologies and search engine algorithms changes rapidly, what are the cutting-edge tools and trends?  A freelance web design firm can assist your organization in many ways; whether we are building your site from scratch to keyword research to optimization for search engines and much more.  What are the latest trends involving SEO and what’s fueling modern website design and development?

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