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Acquisition of

We are very excited and pleased to announce our acquisition of If you have never heard of Rev. Gary Davis, then chances are you’ve heard music that was directly inspired by his influence.  For instance, The Grateful Dead.  The original master of the genuine Cocaine Blues, Rev. Davis had an extraordinary guitar experience as a child growing up in the early 1900’s.  He had witnessed ragtime piano and ragtime guitar playing as well as having been a part of a string band himself at one point.

We are looking forward to working with the direct students of the Master finger picker himself, (Blind) Reverend Gary Davis. is a non-profit website in which a community of enthusiasts may contribute their memories, videos, audio as well as photography and commentary.

Currently, there are a couple of videos hosted on the site, which are available in HTML 5 Video Mpeg 4 format.  We are always looking for more photography and plan to host even more videos of the Reverend. The whole world will be able to see his guitar mastery.

We are particularly proud of the writing done on this site. We are also particularly proud to be a part of this organization.  We are excited to see it growing everyday. It doesn’t matter what your guitar skill is. If you are interested in old blues and finger picking then this web site is packed with information for you.  It is definitely worth reading the article about Rev. Davis’s favorite guitar, the Gibson J-200.  Our research for this article is impeccable.  You are sure to enjoy it.  The appreciation of guitars and music is always a nice feeling. It is something for everybody to enjoy. Best wishes in your music journey, no matter what kind of music you enjoy.  We welcome you to contact us for registration and/or inquiries.

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