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Bootstrap bootstrap boostrap

BootstrapIn my many years of programming and web development, rarely have I ever held such hope for the future of the web than I have when working with the Bootstrap framework.  There is a distinct feeling of control over my creations that I’ve never experienced to this extent before.  Since employing Bootstrap on my most recent projects:,, and, although they aren’t finished yet, I’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from ALL of my clients.

Let’s have a look at what they have to say:

“Beautiful!” – Daniel A. Janssen, GM of Bili International Trade Co., Ltd.

“When I saw the front page, it made me smile.” – Luigi Zhang, Owner of Luigi’s Chain of Italian Restaurants and GM of Fesco Workers Qingdao Co., Ltd..

“This is exactly what we needed, and evidently, we need more of this.” – Stein, General Manager of Qingdao Sinortek Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd..

Of course, when you’re getting rave reviews from clients such as the above, you tend to get a big head, so it’s important to stay humble and keep plugging away at your web sites.  More hours put into the design and Photoshop/GIMP work will go a long way towards your project when it comes time to build your BootStrap Grid Framework.

“We all know and love Bootstrap. It is THE most popular repo on all of GitHub.  Now there are some useful things in Bootstrap that you use undoubtedly to code a front end, but there are also some hidden gems.”

Travis Neilson

Check out my friend Travis on YouTube to see his CSS Grid Series, or his Top 5 Hacks for it.

Box Content is another important issue in Box Model, Box Sizing and Box Sizing included in CSS 3 that this popular framework takes advantage of.  Here at Saint John IT Co., we use Bootstrap, and proud of it!

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