Getting Started

Here are some steps for getting started with your website:

  • Identifying your organization’s audience and target market
  • Researching a suitable domain name for your site
  • Purchasing and registering your chosen domain name (If choosing BlueHost then skip to the next step)
  • Choosing your web host (BlueHost offers 1 free domain with every purchase), and getting your site hosted and properly configured.
  • Writing the content for your site and checking for plagiarism
  • Choosing colours, logos and layouts for your pages
  • Determining the navigation of your menus, links and pages
  • Deciding which features to include such as contact form or any other e-commerce plug-ins
  • Deployment and Optimization
  • Getting feedback

For more on getting started with your website today, please check out our Website Questionnaire.

Audience/Target Market:
The audience/target market is about the demographics of your site’s users, primarily their age and gender. Another important aspect of your audience is what they are interested in, or what they are looking for when visiting your site. Typically, Google Analytics divides the age ranges from 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and finally 65+. Genders are divided into Female and Male. The Interest Categories are quite interesting since they indicate a percentage, sorted from higher interest to lower interest, of categories of topics that your audience is interested in reading or learning about.