How to Register ICP

How to Register ICP


1. Website host source: ICP/IP
2. In order to register ICP, we need to submit the following information:
A. Copy of company license; (if registering a personal website, then there’s no need)
B. Company seal; (if registering a personal website, then there’s no need)
C. Copy of legal person ID card;
D. Copy of ID of person in charge;
E. Domain name Approval;
Note: Service providers include China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. It depends on which ISP you choose.
China Telecom (Shandong) Telephone: 86684332
Add: Flat 601, Yi, #117 Yan’an 3 Rd, Shinan district, Qingdao.
China Unicom (Shandong) Telephone: 83891953
Add: Floors 9, Unicom Building, Jia, #15 Donghai East Road.
3. The Service provider checks registration information face to face and informs if it is okay.
4. The Service provider will submit information to register system of Communication Authority after confirmation;
5. Communication Authority will check registration information; then issue registration number after passed.
6. The Service provider will give the registration number.

Qingdao Communication Administration Website:
Telephone: 83891996 / 83891998
Add: Floors 16, #220 Yan’an 3 Rd, Shinan district, Qingdao.

My question now is all my websites are hosted through Bluehost, an American company and then of course my Internet connection is with Dianxin (another service provider).

1. I have heard if the hosting company is in another country I should not register so I ask; Can I register them in China?
[Lucy Hu] If the hosting company is in abroad then no need to register ICP in China. ICP registration is just for the hosting company in China (website is hosted by Chinese hosting company);

2. If they say I shouldn’t register in China is there a chance they will get blocked? If so then should I change hosting companies so I can register?
[Lucy Hu] We heard below response from different companies:
Shandong Communications Authority said: The website might be blocked.
Qingdao Communications Authority said: not sure, it depends on IP is blocked or not.
Dianxin/Telecom said: Normally, visit the regular website is not blocked with Dianxin/Telecom connection. If we do worry about this, can make “Network both-way analytical”: website is hosted in another country, then rent space from Dianxin and analytic the website content to Dianxin space. Also make sure the domain has a Chinese Domain Name Certificate (In Mainland China Only), so can register in China and ensure the Dianxin user visit this website is never blocked.

If you decide to register for ICP, website must be hosted through Chinese Company and has Chinese Domain Name Certificate (In Mainland China Only).
You can get the “Chinese Domain Name Certificate” from or when apply domain.

Is any Chinese hosting company acceptable or is there only approved one to use?
The hosting company must be approved ones; it has more than 900 approved companies in China.

I also sourced other information on Bluehost, which is a reliable American hosting company, no worry on block. Please review the below information for your reference: