So, What’s the deal with SEO?

Check out the following e-mail that I received from last week in regards to building an SEO and online marketing strategy.

Hi there,

Finding out which websites compete with your site online is a key step to building an SEO and marketing strategy.

Once you understand that, you can benchmark your site against the others, discover which keywords your competitor is using for SEO, and find out more about the content they’re creating.

In our latest post, find out how you can find which sites are competing with yours online. In addition, you can also find and save groups of sites that are related to any other website, which comes in handy whether you’re a business owner, consultant, analyst, advertiser or marketer.

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Give the new tool a try and let us know what you think!

Cheers to your success,

In regards to the above, the real issue relates to tailoring a website’s content in order to be competitive with other existing sites that may or may not have similar writing and/or keywords.