Truth is stranger than fiction

Aug 17, 6:11 PM EDT’Auction’ of NSA tools sends security companies scrambling

TPP Text is Still Top Secret

Hacker releases cell phone numbers, personal emails of House Democrats

“It’s time for new revelations now. All of you may have heard about the DCCC hack. As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach.” –  Guccifer 2.0

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26B. in its largest acquisition evar.

You can’t make these headlines up

The state of net neutrality

Net neutrality? What net neutrality?

There is an entire website dedicated to listing the websites that are blocked in P.R.C.

Privacy? What privacy?

There are products designed to block signals to your mobile phone in your pocket, so that you can “hide” your location from the government.

It’s safe to say that privacy is dead.

We are living in an Orwellian world, where closed circuit television constantly captures our activities in real-time.

Julian Assange talks about Geopolitics, Hillary Clinton and TPP, TTIP, TISA

WikiLeaks - The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system

2016 Collapse of the USD


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